Non-Bank Loans empowered by NEXA Mortgage uses innovative products to help our clients obtain the best rate and terms in the market.

We believe that the mortgage broker is more efficient than the large banks, and has the ability to offer alternative programs the banks are unable to offer.

Conforming Loans

 Wide variety of lenders available with the goal of providing the best rate and terms in the market.

FHA Loans

Smaller down payments and expanded qualifying ratios.

Programs available for borrowers with lower scores.

VA Loans

Programs for eligible veterans and active military  with no mortgage insurance and flexible guidelines.

Down Payment Assistance

Options available to assist with down payment and closing costs for qualified borrowers.

Non Warrantable Condominiums

Financing available for non warrantable condominiums.

Jumbo Loans

Multiple sources available to assist with jumbo loans.


Innovative programs available for the borrower unable to qualify for conventional financing.

Debt Service Coverage Loans ( DSCR)

Loans on investment properties that primarily use credit and cash flow for qualification.

Short Term Rentals

Programs for properties used as short term rentals.

Common Sense Portfolio Programs

Flexible programs and options for loans that don’t fit traditional guidelines.

Bank Statement Loans

Programs available for the self employed borrower using primarily bank statements to qualify


Programs available for multifamily, mixed-use, retail, and office condominiums.

Heloc & 2nd Mortgages

Helocs and 2nd Mortgages including a streamlined Heloc.

Renovation Loans

Renovation loans available for residential and commercial.

Land Loans Available.

Land loans for residential and commercial.

Fix and Flip

Acquisition and rehab financing for the real estate investor.